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common sense mattress buying...


So, you're sleeping poorly or waking up in pain.

It's that time, you need a new mattress.

If you're lucky, its been about 10 years since you last had to do this and that means you are out of touch with today's mattress technology.  

So, what's the best way to deal with this?

I recommend you start by recognizing your mattress needs have likely changed since you last did this.  Life catches up with you as you age and that requires adjusting your sleep surface. Aches and pains and pressure points can be significantly reduced by the quality of mattress you choose.  That means a better sleep.  Better sleep means better health.

Your best source of information for dealing with these challenges is a 

mattress specialist. 


Do you go to your mechanic when you need a new TV?

Do you go to a flower shop when you need groceries?


I don’t sell appliances, electronics, furniture or puppies, 

(even though I really like puppies) only mattresses and their related products.  

A mattress is a tool, designed to give you the best sleep possible.

That's why I have 25 different models on my floor, each one with a different characteristic.

You will spend more time in your bed than anywhere else on a daily basis so doesn't it make sense to find the one that's going to give you the best rest possible?  

Take the time to find the one that is right for you, then rest easy.

I'd be happy to help. 


we carry stock!

Unlike Our Competition...


There's instant gratification when you purchase from 

Right Way Mattress because we will have

your mattress in stock!

You can take your purchase home the same day! 

There's No Waiting!


Twin, double, queen and king mattresses, box springs,

frames, head boards, mattress protectors and pillows

on hand and ready to go! Delivery and removal also available.

not sure what feel is right for you?

Check Out Our Goldilocks Row...


Soft, medium or firm, they're all here for you to discover!

Pocket Coil, Hybrid, Memory Foam, Latex... with 27 different models for you

to explore you're bound to find the one that's just right!

my black friday sale started In Mid October!

The Hana


This tight top Queen mattress from Springwall

has 800 posturized pocket coils,  is foam encased

and comes with Gel infusion... 

In stock in Twin, Double and Queen

Twin Mattress  $300.00

Double Mattress  $350.00

Queen Mattress  $375.00

The Twins... The Martan and The Shannon


These Queen Kingsdown mattresses have

800 posturized pocket coils surrounded by an Integrity Edge

(the two outside rows of coils are a heavier gauge of steel) and come in a firm or medium feel.

In stock in Double, Queen or King

Double Mattress  $550.00

Queen Mattress  $600.00

King Mattress  $900.00

Customer testimonials (of course they're real!)

  Let “The Force” be with you!

They actually have a mattress named

“The Force”! 

Luke Skywalker  


in the HISTORY of the WORLD, PERIOD! 

D. T. Rump  

  These mattresses… will leave you… feeling like you… fell asleep on… top of a…

Romulan Dractar 

James T. Kirk  

 Their pillows have no

uncomfortable sticks or stones!

Genghis Khan  

  Their waterproof mattress protectors

are very dependable!

I. P. Knightley  

  Their prices are so good I’ve decided

to take them under my wing!

Scrooge McDuck  

this weeks' prey...

Patience My Ass...


I'm gonna kill something!

I had this poster on my wall when I was a teenager.

It eventually turned in to a life philosophy. 

So, this is where I will put my most outrageous sale

with the most aggressive pricing! On sale until it's gone!

Two Latex Queen Mattresses


These are a special clearance of all

Latex mattresses from Kingsdown.

The eight inch Nourish is firm and very supportive,

while the 11 inch Refresh is plush and will

dramatically reduce pressure points.

Both will work fabulously with adjustable bases too!

Nourish Regular Price     $2700.00

This Weeks' Prey Price     $1300.00

Refresh Regular Price     $3500.00

This Weeks' Prey Price     $1800.00

King Size Blowout!

The Calvino


The Calvino is a posturized,

foam encased king size

 pocket coil mattress with four 1/2 inches of foam, including Gel Infused Memory Foam. The medium feel and price point makes this one of the most popular mattresses in my line-up.

King Mattress                   $900.00

King Mattress & Boxes     $1250.00

The Latoya


The Latoya is a 2900 pocket/micro coil combination king size mattress with 7 inches of foam (including Gel Infused Memory Foam) that combine to give great support and comfort. A medium soft feel, the deep foam is excellent at reducing pressure points.

     King Mattress                 $1340.00     

King Mattress & Boxes     $1650.00

The Fraya - The Two Sided Monster!


This mattress is 19 inches thick so you're going to need a running start to jump into bed!  The 1675 pocket coils in the middle and 6 1/2 inches of foam on BOTH sides (including Gel Infused Latex)  give you great support and a warm, snuggled feeling at the same time!

King Mattress                $2000.00

King Mattress & Boxes     $2300.00 

did you know...


17% of your spine is in your neck.

It doesn’t matter how great your bed is if your pillow is inadequate.

For long lasting, consistent neck support we recommend our Latex pillows.

Allergen, dust mite and bed bug proof, latex pillows are perfect for allergy sufferers.

we've got the best prices on sealy adjustables in town!

The New Way To Sleep


Available in Twin Extra Long (2 TXL equal 1 King), double and Queen, an adjustable base can significantly change the way you rest, relax and sleep.

Head Up


A four inch rise can help with acid re-flux, snoring and

lets you get through a common cold faster.  Bring it

all the way up for watching TV or that last bit of

computer work that has to be done for tomorrow!

Head and Foot


This will allow you to get into Zero Gravity, a position

that reduces lower back stress.  If you're not hurting

you're getting a better nights' sleep!

Head, Foot and Massage


OK, now you're just being decadent.

But, isn't it great to have that option?  

Adding massage works those sore, 

aching muscles while relaxing the rest of you, too.

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