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You're Getting The Whole Story?

 We do things differently at Right Way Mattress. 

You won’t find any pretend prices at Right Way Mattress. What’s a pretend price? That’s when you over-inflate a price so you can then offer it at 50% off (might that be you, Sears?). The consumer comes away thinking they’ve gotten a great deal when, really, they just paid the regular price minus the inflated portion. 

 How about a “compare at” price. Nope, don’t have any of those. “Compare at” prices are prices that have supposedly been used by competitors so you can look good in comparison. “Compare at” prices are usually made up by the person making the sales price tag, with about a 100% inflation factor. We don’t need imaginary “Compare at” prices because our regular prices are usually better than our competitions’ sale price. 

If you want aggressive pricing, quality products and a sales staff that really know their product and can help you find what’s right for you… try Right Way Mattress 

Right Mattress… Right price… Right Now!